NAV Hosts Speech Competition on Australia Day: Grisma and Sarthak Secure Top Spots

Melbourne, VIC

In a remarkable display of cultural unity, the Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) hosted a successful virtual “Speech Competition – Importance of Australia Day for Social Harmony” on January 26, 2024, commemorating Australia Day. The event, conducted via the Zoom online platform, provided a unique opportunity for participants to engage in the spirit of the Australia Day Celebration.

The competition, divided into two groups, Group A (6-10 year-olds) and Group B (11-13 year-olds), saw participants delivering insightful speeches on the significance of Australia Day for social harmony. NAV Past President Dr. Raju Adhikari, Niru Tripathi, and Saurav Kiran Shrestha, the esteemed judges, played a vital role in evaluating the virtual presentations.

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In Group B, Girisma Rayamaghi emerged as the winner, with Sarah Kharel and Aayan Rijal securing the second and third positions. In Group A, Sarthak Chalise claimed the top spot, while Sambhav Paudel and Prisha Chalise secured the second and third positions.

NAV President, Mr. Prem Raj Upreti, expressed his satisfaction with the virtual celebration, stating, “Adapting to the current circumstances, we are thrilled to have successfully organized the ‘Speech Competition’ on Australia Day via the online platform. This event not only celebrates the essence of Australia Day but also showcases the resilience and adaptability of our community.”

Yakindra Timilsina, NAV Treasurer, emphasized the importance of the virtual event, saying, “As the Treasurer of NAV, witnessing the success of the virtual speech competition is truly gratifying. It highlights the adaptability of our community and the determination to continue celebrating important occasions, even in challenging times.”

The winners in each group were awarded gift vouchers, with the first-place recipients receiving $200, and the second and third-place winners receiving $150 and $100, respectively.

NAV extended its gratitude to all participants, judges, and the Victorian government for their unwavering support. The virtual celebration not only demonstrated the community’s resilience but also reinforced the importance of cultural harmony, even in the face of adversity.



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