NAV Bal Chautari Officially Accredited by Victorian State Government

Melbourne –

In a significant development for the Nepali community in Victoria, the Nepali Association of Victoria (NAV) has announced that its Nepali language schools, operating under the banner of NAV Bal Chautari, have received official recognition from the State Government of Victoria. This recognition marks a pivotal moment for the Nepali diaspora in the state, highlighting the importance of preserving and promoting the Nepali language and culture among younger generations.

The announcement came through the President of NAV, Premraj Upreti, who revealed that the State Government of Victoria has accredited NAV Bal Chautari’s language schools until December 31, 2026. This recognition solidifies the efforts of NAV in fostering educational opportunities for Nepali children and underscores the organization’s commitment to long-term institutional development.

NAV Bal Chautari was officially registered in 2015 and has been operational since its inception.

Currently, NAV operates five campuses across Victoria, including Thomastown Primary School, Mernda Jindi Family and Community Center, Daniella Community Center in Tarnet, Lynbrook Family and Children’s Center in Lynbrook, and Sydenm Neighborhood House in Taylors Lakes. These campuses serve as vital hubs for Nepali language education and cultural enrichment within the community.

Krishna Chalise, Vice President of NAV, has been appointed as the first principal of NAV Bal Chautari, signaling a new chapter in the organization’s journey. Principal Chalise expressed optimism about the future of NAV Bal Chautari and emphasized the importance of this recognition in facilitating long-term growth and sustainability.

Furthermore, the government’s decision ensures that NAV Bal Chautari will receive grants and support for its operations, providing essential resources to enhance educational initiatives and infrastructure. Dr. Yakindra Timilsena, Treasurer of NAV, highlighted the significance of this support in bolstering the organization’s mission and expanding its reach within the Nepali community.

President Mr. Prem Raj Upreti expressed his gratitude, stating, “I extend heartfelt thanks to all members of the NAV current executive committee, previous excom, and other community leaders and stakeholders for their invaluable contributions towards this remarkable achievement.”

Governing Committee formation:

In response to the growing needs of the community, NAV has established a governing council tasked with overseeing the management and development of its language schools. The body is chaired by Prem Raj Upreti, the President of the NAV, and includes Mr. Krishna Chalise as the member secretary and Dr. Yakindra Timilsena as the finance manager. Dr. Raju Adhikari and Mr. Chet Raj Dhakal serve as educational experts. The governing body comprises two representatives from each school, including members Prakash Chalise and Prakash Regmi from Balchautari North, Sushil Chalise from West, Nirupama Thapa and Shiv Itani from Whyndam, Bhaskar Regmi and Bhishma Pathak from Southeast, Hemraj Pant and Manoj Dhungana from Doreen Maranda.

”This structure is intended to manage and administer the language schools sustainably and cohesively, addressing the growing needs of the Nepalese diaspora in Victoria”, Upreti said.

As admissions open for the new academic session, NAV Bal Chautari invites children aged 5 to 13 years to enroll in its programs across all five campuses. Principal Chalise emphasized the importance of early education in preserving cultural identity and encouraged families to take advantage of this opportunity.

NAV Bal Chautari stands as a beacon of cultural preservation and educational excellence, striving to instill a sense of pride and belonging among Nepali youth in Victoria. NAV has been working since its inception for the expansion of Nepali language, art, and culture for children growing up in Victoria, and celebrates Children’s Day every year by organizing various programs. Similarly, children’s competitions are also organized on the occasion of Australia Day, Father’s Day, and Dashain Tihar.

Official letter sent by government:


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