NAV Celebrates Nepalese New Year 2081 with CALD Communities and Senior Citizens

Melbourne, VIC – Nepalese communities in Victoria came together in a jubilant celebration of the Nepalese New Year 2081, fostering unity and camaraderie among culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups and honoring the wisdom of senior citizens. The event, organized by the Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV), featured a diverse array of activities and was graced by esteemed guests, including political representatives and community leaders.

The festivities commenced with an inspiring speech by NAV’s Chairperson, Premraj Upreti, who highlighted the significance of cultural celebrations in fostering harmony and understanding among diverse communities. Senior citizens took center stage, actively participating in various activities such as riddles (Gaun khane Katha), poetry recitations, singing performances, and engaging in a spirited game of Musical Chairs.

The event provided a platform for cultural exchange and appreciation, with attendees showcasing their talents and sharing heartfelt reflections. Speeches delivered throughout the program underscored the importance of preserving cultural heritage and promoting intercultural dialogue.

Distinguished guests graced the occasion, demonstrating their support for multiculturalism and community cohesion. Among the esteemed attendees were Kathleen Matthews Ward, Member of Parliament for Broadmeadows; Trung Luu, Member of Parliament for the Western Region; and Evan Mullholand, Member of Parliament for the Northern Region. Also in attendance were Bwe Thay, Deputy Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC); Sue Bolton, Councillor for Merribeek; Usman Ghani, representing the Liberal Party for Calwell; Chin Tan, Former Chairperson of VMC; and Dr. Beran Ahmed, CEO of Africause. The event also welcomed distinguished Nepalese guests, including Dr. Raju Adhikari, Mani Ratan Sapkota, and Gandhi Prasad Bhattrai.

President Upreti extended his heartfelt gratitude to the Victorian government for its unwavering support in funding community festivals.

As the festivities drew to a close, Treasurer Yakindra Timalsena and Priya Gautam formally concluded the program, expressing gratitude to all participants and supporters. The success of the event was made possible through the dedication and coordination efforts of individuals such as Yagya Raj Joshi, Nirajan Regmi, and Krishna Chalise, with Alok Paudel serving as the event coordinator.

The Nepalese New Year 2081 celebrations served as a testament to the richness of cultural diversity in Victoria and the importance of fostering inclusivity and unity among all communities.


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