Australian Federal Budget 2024-25: Major Shift in Immigration Policy

Melbourne , VIC – The Australian government’s 2024-25 Federal Budget includes a significant shift in immigration policy, reducing the permanent migration intake to 185,000 places. This move is aimed at addressing the nation’s skills shortages while balancing the pressures on housing and infrastructure. The government plans to prioritize visa processing for regional areas, directing new migrants to locations that require workforce support, which is expected to alleviate congestion in major cities and bolster regional economies.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers emphasized that the reduction in immigration numbers aligns with the broader goals of economic sustainability and managing population growth. The new policy focuses heavily on skilled migration, which will comprise the bulk of the intake. This adjustment is designed to ensure that Australia attracts the talent needed for sectors experiencing acute labor shortages, such as healthcare, technology, and engineering.

In addition to reshaping the migration program, the budget includes substantial investments in support services for migrants. Enhanced funding for English language programs, job readiness training, and settlement services aims to improve integration and employment outcomes for new arrivals. The government has also allocated resources to streamline the visa application process, reducing wait times and improving efficiency.

The budget further addresses humanitarian concerns, with specific measures to support vulnerable groups. These include extended funding for programs assisting victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. The government remains committed to a compassionate approach while ensuring that the migration system supports Australia’s economic and social needs.

Overall, the 2024-25 Federal Budget’s immigration reforms reflect a strategic effort to balance immediate economic requirements with long-term national interests, positioning Australia to better manage population growth and sustain economic development​.


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