New Song “Australia को Tonnou Dai” Officially Released

Melbourne – A new song titled “Australia को Tonnou Dai” has been officially released to honor Tonnou Ghothane for his significant contributions to the Nepalese community in Australia.

The song, featuring vocals, lyrics, and music by Pramod Nirwan, celebrates Ghothane’s extensive work and dedication to helping the Nepalese diaspora in Australia. The official release event took place at the Royal Nepalese Restaurant in Melbourne, marking the song’s launch in both Nepal and Australia.

Tonnou Ghothane, a principal lawyer and community advocate, has made notable impacts in various capacities. He is the managing director and principal lawyer at Ghothane Lawyers, specializing in immigration, family, business, litigation, and property law. With over 14 years of experience, Ghothane has successfully handled many complex cases, including those at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Federal Circuit Court.

In addition to his legal career, Ghothane has been deeply involved in community service. He has held key positions such as President of NRNA Australia from 2017 to 2019, where he focused on institutionalizing the organization and establishing foundations and policy institutes that benefit both Nepalese and the wider Australian community. He is also a member of the Rotary Club and has played a crucial role in supporting various sports teams and cultural organizations within the Nepalese community.

Ghothane’s extensive contributions include his work as Chairperson of the Australia Nepal Policy Institute, Ad Hoc Coordinator for the Liberal Friends of Nepal in Victoria, and Patron of NRNA Australia. He has previously served as the Joint Secretary of the Nepalese Association of Victoria and has been involved with the Yeti Football Club, Melbourne, as a founder team manager.

During the launch event, Tonnou Ghothane shared his personal experiences, recalling how he was frequently targeted and mocked by society during his childhood, with people telling him he could never become a lawyer. Defying these doubts, he not only became a principal lawyer in Australia but has also served thousands of people, demonstrating his resilience and commitment to helping others.

The release of “Australia को Tonnou Dai” stands as a testament to Tonnou Ghothane’s enduring commitment and influence, celebrating his unwavering support for the Nepalese community in Australia. This song, with its heartfelt lyrics and engaging melody, is a fitting tribute to a man who has dedicated his life to serving others.

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