Nepali Association of Victoria Receives Significant Funding from Victorian Government

Melbourne – The Nepali Association of Victoria (NAV) has been granted $47,300 in funding from the Victorian Government Department of Education’s Community Language Schools Funding Program. This grant is designated to support the NAV Bal Chautari’s language education of 172 school-aged students in 2024.

The funding is based on a per capita grant of $255 for each eligible student, as confirmed by the Department’s data verification process. Of this amount, $250 per student will go directly to the organization, while $5 per student will be allocated to Community Languages Victoria (CLV).

Krishna Chalise, the Principal of Nav Bal Chautari, expressed his gratitude for the funding, stating, “This grant is a testament to our commitment to preserving and promoting the Nepali language among our younger generation. It will greatly aid us in providing quality education and resources to our students.”

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Prem Raj Upreti, President of NAV, highlighted the importance of this funding, saying, “This financial support from the Department of Education is crucial for our community. It enables us to continue our mission of nurturing and preserving our cultural heritage through language education.”

NAV has extended special thanks to Dr. Yakindra Timilsena, the Treasurer of NAV, Leaders Chet Raj Dhakal, Dr. Raju Adhikari, Sudip Shrestha and School Coordinators for their contributions.

Additionally, expressed their regards to organizations such as the Doreen Mernda Nepalese Community (DMNC), Nepalese Association of South East Melbourne (NASEM), and Nepalese Neighbourhood Community Inc. (NNCI). Individual thanks were given to Surendra Sedhai, Pitambar Koirala, Dr. Tilak Pokharel, Gopal Kafle, Dr. Anupam Pokharel, Alok Paudel, and Saurav Kiran Shrestha for their contributions.

The funding aligns with the Common Funding Agreement (CFA) that NAV entered into with the Department in 2022. The agreement ensures that NAV maintains all accreditation documentation and complies with Child Safe Standards. All school teachers, staff, and committee members are required to have current Working with Children (WWC) Checks or Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) Registration.

As part of the grant conditions, NAV is required to submit a financial acquittal demonstrating the approved use of funds. Louise Stewart, Director of Literacy, Languages, the Arts, and Humanities Branch, commended NAV for its contribution to language education in Victoria, reinforcing the Department’s commitment to supporting community language schools.

Currently, NAV operates five campuses across Victoria, including Thomastown Primary School, Mernda Jindi Family and Community Center, Daniella Community Center in Tarnet, Lynbrook Family and Children’s Center in Lynbrook, and Sydenm Neighborhood House in Taylors Lakes. These campuses serve as vital hubs for Nepali language education and cultural enrichment within the community.


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